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Would you like additional information about our repairs and other related services? Reach out, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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What We Can Do For You

Computer Repair and Data Recovery

Laptop Repair

Cracked screen or keyboard not working? Maybe the laptop is overheating or it does not charge anymore. Schedule an appointment with Computer Wizard and we can restore the laptop back to perfect working order again.

Hardware Repair

Monitor no longer showing an image or is very dim? Cracked screen on your phone or tablet? Since we started, we’ve provided customers with convenient and comprehensive services for all their repair needs. Computer Wizard is committed to helping make your life easier. Call us today to find out more.

Virus Removal

Is your computer sluggish and unstable? It could be infected with malicious software. Malware can be found in many forms such as spyware, trojans, worms, viruses, etc. Not only do these make your computer slow and sometimes unusable, they can target your identity or financial information. At Computer Wizard, we are experts at removing these infections and making sure proper prevention methods are in place.

Data Recovery

Accidentally delete your project? Get a computer virus and now all your data is 'gone'? All is not lost, Computer Wizard can help. We specialize in data retrieval and repair of hard drives and other media. First step is to stop using the drive immediately. Just because information has been deleted does not mean the data is gone for good. But if new files have been written over top deleted data, it can be extremely difficult or impossible to retrieve information.

About Our Computer Repair Service

Our History

Computer Wizard is a small electronics and computer repair shop that offers in office and on-site options. With a BA in Computer Engineering and over 15 years experience, I repair it all; laptop, desktop, tablet, handheld gaming consoles, etc. ranging from simple device maintenance to building a computer designed just for you.


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